While I have trained most extensively in Object Relations and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, I continue to study and use different approaches when appropriate. Not every problem has a behavioral “here and now” solution, nor does every problem necessitate a re-working of early childhood traumas. I am a pragmatist at heart and my greatest desire is to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

individual therapy

When we meet:

  • I will listen carefully to your unique life-story.
  • I will take the time to understand, acknowledge and validate where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced.
  • I will help you discern your honest authentic self from your defense mechanisms, fears, insecurities and bad habits.
  • When appropriate, I will help you explore how to live a life of greater authenticity, integrity, and self-expression.
  • I will help you heal old wounds and broken relationships.
  • I will help you how to overcome (or minimize) depression and anxiety.
  • I will help you heal from abuse or neglect that has impacted your life.
  • I will help you design a healthy and balanced lifestyle based on your values and aspirations.

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