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5/21/21 update:

In-person sessions will be available again starting June 1st! I am kindly asking that, for the time being, only clients who have had both vaccines use the in-person option. Telehealth appointments, via Zoom, will continue to be available indefinitely for everyone. Many of my clients have told me that they appreciate being able to meet from the comfort of their own home, office, car, hiking trail and not having to drive to an appointment. It has allowed people who live an hour or more away, access to appointments that they otherwise would not have driven to. It has allowed couples with challenging work schedules to meet with me at the same time from different locations. I never imagined Telehealth sessions would be so effective.

Please stay healthy and safe. Be kind to one another, and I look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support in these unusually challenging times.