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Eight Intimate Conversations To Have With Your Partner

Want more intimacy with your partner? Plan a special date, but instead of heading for the bedroom, snuggle on the couch, perhaps by candlelight, and fall into one of these great conversations.

Simply learning more about and accepting each other is the experience you are after.  Be open to discovering things you didn’t know.  Be especially observant of deep longings or insecurities that might emerge.

My partner and I have delved into most of these conversations during our time together, often on a sofa “date night” or during an extended breakfast on the weekend. It brings us closer and let’s us know how to best support each other. It often leads to goal setting because several of these topics involve life aspirations.

These are conversations you can have repeatedly, because we grow and change over time. They are an effective way to know each other better when first considering a life together, or to grow closer over the years. As life twists and “tosses a few curve balls” intimate conversations help us stay in touch with each other.

Eight Intimate Conversations To Have With Your Partner:

  1. These are the things I most want to accomplish or experience before I die:
  2. These are the things that I most want to be part of my regular daily/weekly life:
  3. These are the things I most want to be acknowledged / appreciated for:
  4. My greatest fears about life are:
  5. My biggest insecurities about myself are:
  6. What I most look for in a close friend is:
  7. The three biggest things I want in my life right now are:
  8. Three things I’m really looking forward to in the next 5 years are:

Whether you’re teenagers, or approaching your Golden Anniversary, set time aside for yourselves, perhaps a nice dinner, roaring fire, and soft music – pick a topic and let the conversation begin.

~ Enjoy